Handmade mezzotint books by Lanesville Press of Flora Mnemonica project

I am beyond excited that Gary Kachadourian of Lanesville Press in Lanesville New York asked if he could engrave and print some of my photographs from the flora mnemonica project using the mezzotint printing process. Four of the specimens were chosen and printed in these handmade books. So far, there has been two editions, with slightly different covers. All four images were selected because they’re native plants and have significant personal memories associated with them.

To hear me talk about those memories and maybe nab your own copy (I only have 20), come see the exhibition at NOMA Gallery in Frederick Maryland opening February 3rd. More info here.

Flora Mnemonica books in a shipping box on a colorful background
Black and white engraved images of pokeweed and violets
Black and white engraved images of spotted beebalm and pawpaw blossoms

He also surprised me with a copy of his Mummy Bags book in this last shipment:

See more of Gary’s work at http://www.garykachadourian.com/

time capsule inclosed

while looking for things, I realized that I had the contents of a time capsule hidden in with all of these things that I have been carrying with me from state to state. not wanting the meaning of these items to be wasted on just myself, I mailed these time capsules to the few people who would understand how to interpret the contents. placing these items in the hands of a delivery service caused me quite a bit of anxiety. there are no duplicates, no way to recreate these items and images if lost.