Natural Selections – exhibition with Caitlin Gill at NOMA Gallery

Super excited to announce “Natural Selections”, an upcoming show with Caitlin Gill in February at the NOMA Gallery in Frederick, Maryland.
On view February 3 – 26
Reception February 4 from 5 – 8pm
Artists talks February 16 from 7 – 9 pm
“Natural Selections” an exhibition by artists Melissa Penley Cormier and Caitlin Gill investigates the natural world as metaphor. Cormier and Gill have entirely different relationships with the natural world, however both use nature as a way to explore their complicated relationships with societal constructs to include time, relationships and gender.

Melissa Penley Cormier’s work uses photography and installations to document and explore
how we mark time. Often using the model of scientific collection and sampling, Cormier’s projects center around looking closely and carefully.

Caitlin Gill uses printmaking, sculpting, drawing, painting, collage, and fiber to create artwork that explores ideas of identity, femininity, and domesticity. Gill’s work examines the patriarchy the male gaze and gender through animal and insect portraits.

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