Video Shorts Premier in Butcher’s Hill window theater – Window26

Beach is projected onto a screen inside of a row house window
Digitized and edited copies of my 8mm family films are being shown along with other collected shorts in the window of 26 N Chester St. Baltimore as a response to Covid-19 and also so celebrate the recent SpaceX launch and station docking.
Fireworks projected in window
Fireworks from a family vacation recorded from 8mm film, originally recorded by my great uncle John Overmiller.

Window26 is a small local projection experiment taking place in the front window of Kelley Bell‘s home in Butcher’s Hill, Baltimore. It’s a way of sharing art in a public space that’s intimate yet at a safe distance. 

Time-based media artists of all stripes are invited to submit work for a series of programmed nights of projection this summer. Artists who do not work in time-based media, but have some interesting ideas of how to work with the site are also encouraged to submit ideas.

For more information, as well as templates and guidelines please use the contact form below: