These photographs are from an ever growing group of images taken throughout the pandemic thus far of items that I’ve held. Collected almost accidentally, I often use my cellphone as a way of visual note-taking. Although these weren’t meant to be viewed by anyone but me, while recently archiving and organizing these images, the importance of what I could and could not touch during the pandemic becomes clearer and heavier. During this time I have also become, as we all have, much more aware and wary of my own hands and what they come into contact with throughout the day. One hand becomes the subject, holding a found object, while the other holds a cell phone and documents the interaction.

a hand is holding a pink sports drink the same color as a pink chair
a drawing and projected image with a fountain pen and hand
hand is holding a tea cup with the text "Made in England" on the bottom
hand is holding sprouted seeds in a wet papertowel

on view in “Bearing Witness” at the Hamilton Gallery

hand is holding one wing from a luna moth

Hamilton Arts Collective | Hamilton Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view a two part exhibition

Virtual exhibit: February 15-April 15, 2021
In-person exhibit at Hamilton Gallery: proposed summer 2021

The two exhibitions, Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view,  explore how the events of 2020 have impacted the creative process and psyche of working artists.

hand is holding a small animal skull, a chair leg can be seen in the bottom right
hand is holding a bubble pack that has two screws with the text "extra screws" written above them

stereoscope image on a card of a family of pigs
purple substance in a plastic vile with a barcode showing while being held by a hand